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Highland Hall 2018 Senior Play

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Can Honeybees Light

The Path To Our Future I

Can Honeybees Light

The Path To Our Future II

Hawai'i International

Kolisko Conference

Dr. Michaela Glöckler, MD

Hawai'i International

Kolisko Conference

Ms. Terra Malmstrom, MS

Truth, Beauty and Goodness

Dr. Michaela Glöckler, MD, from Dornach, Switzerland presents on the three foundational ideas for attaining wisdom, Truth (science), Beauty (art) and Goodness (religion).  This series of lectures from the Kolisko conference in Aina Haina, Hawaii gathered participants and presenters from Waldorf educational institutes all over the world. 

Waldorf Schools

United states

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Highland Hall 2018 Senior Play

Lovers & Other Strangers

Can Honeybees Light the Path for Our Future as Envisioned by Rudolf Steiner?

Terra Malmstrom, MS, has run Waldorf High School Science programs for 15 years in both Colorado and California, and wrote her Master's Thesis on eusociality of the honeybee. Before becoming a Waldorf Science Teacher, Ms. Malmstrom spent 20 years as a pharmaceutical research scientist.  Trained in biodynamic beekeeping under Gunter Hauk, her presentation looks at how the honeybee colony transcends the biological shackles of the individual bees, and demonstrates attributes approaching mammals. 

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Highland Hall 2018 Graduation

The Highland Hall Waldorf School Class of 2018 Senior Play, a delightful comedy directed by Highland Hall's award winning performer, writer, producer and director, Manley Pope.

The Class of 2018 High School Graduation, with speeches by the graduating seniors.  

Wonka -  Manley Pope

A takeoff on Roald Dahl's classic novel, directed by Highland Hall Waldorf School's award-winning performer, writer, producer and director Manley Pope. 

The Parent's Journey

Jack Petrash

Waldorf 101 Workshop

Anna Silber / Terra Malmstrom

Highland Hall 2017 Graduation

Full coverage of the October 10, 2017 presentation by Parent Education Speaker Jack Petrash, author of Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out, and Covering Home, Lessons on the Art of Fathering from the Game of Baseball.


Petrash opens the window on preparing our children to be capable of vibrant and vigorous activity, having sensitive yet resilient emotional lives, and developing a capacity for clear, focused, original thinking. 

Full coverage of the September 23, 2017 all day workshop to explore the Waldorf Curriculum, with a discussion of Rudolph Steiner's insights in human development and a look into the anthropsophical underpinnings of Waldorf Education. Presentations include "The Story of Waldorf Education," and "Drawing Through the Grades" with Sunbridge Director of Education Anna Silber, and "Encountering Waldorf High School" with Terra Malmstrom.

The 2017 High School Graduation, with speeches by the graduating seniors. 

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